Thorough commentary on the Genshin Impact Battle Pass!

Not to mention gamers Battle pass It is included in almost every online game available.

Already booming online games have their own battle paths with different names.

Specialized in Genshin Impact, You can also get a battle pass when you reach adventure rank 20.

For informational purposes only, Battle Pass is an independent level system that has nothing to do with character levels.

You can increase your Battle Pass level by completing weekly missions or daily missions provided by the game and earning Battle Pass XP.

Genshin Impact allows you to level up your battle passes. 1,000 Battle Pass XP

With the theme of RPG Weekly mission What’s offered is certainly more exciting than any other game, and players need to travel the world of Genshin Impact.

Battle Pass Genshin Impact This season!

Especially in this new season, the Battle Pass is only available up to level 50 and in time 6 weeks.

As always, the Battle Pass is divided into two parts, freedom And Purchase a Battle Pass. Of course, the prizes you can get are also different.

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With a free battle pass Sojourner’s Battle Pass. Every 10 levels you will get The fate of an acquaintance..

Gnostic Jimn Battle Pass Is a pass that must be purchased for $ 9.99 or equivalent. Rp 147,000,-

You can earn more rewards from Sojourner’s Battle Pass by purchasing a Battle Pass. Not only that, this Battle Pass also provides the materials you need to level up your character.

Unlike Sojourner, you get the following every 10 levels: Intertwined fate Better than Acquaint Fates.

If you can’t wait for a lot of presents Gnostic chorus Allows you to reach Battle Pass Level 10 directly at a higher price.

How about? Are you interested in purchasing a Battle Pass at Genshin Impact this time?

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