This YouTuber’s Salary is Known to be the Highest in Indonesia!

Who here doesn’t want to be a high-earning YouTuber? Surely you all want to be YouTubers, right?

The salary of a large YouTuber is indeed quite high. But for Being a YouTuber from Zero to success requires effort and hard work.

Through YouTube you can earn money and even reach hundreds of millions of tablets. Just like making money from the Internet, you need to offer something special.

Well, the following YouTubers can be said to have the highest salaries in Indonesia. Want to know who? Come on, read this article directly to the end.

The tallest! This YouTuber’s Salary Reaches IDR 400 Million/Month!

Here are some of the highest salaries for YouTubers in Indonesia. Eits, but remember, this whole thing just estimation course, so not necessarily correct.

1. Atta Halilintar (± IDR 436 Million/Month)

Atta Lightning

Atta Lightning

This YouTuber’s salary is arguably the highest in Indonesia. Atta Halilintar himself is arguably the first YouTuber to reach more than 10 million subscribers on Facebook Asia southeast.

When this article was published, Atta Halilintar had reached more than 12 million subscribers. Of course, with the presentation of such interesting content, as well as the motivational sentences given in each of his YouTube videos, this YouTuber has many fans.

This YouTuber who is popular with the phrase “Ashiap” is indeed quite popular among young people or for his loyal fans who he often calls A-Team.

In addition to earning income from YouTube, Atta himself also has other income from his business in the culinary field, fashion business, tour and travel, and other great businesses.

2. Ricis Official (± IDR 337 Million/Month)

Ria Ricis

Ria Ricis

Ria Ricis is the owner of the YouTube channel Ricis Official. Ria Ricis herself is known as the first woman in Southeast Asia who is able to get Diamond Play Button guys.

Currently, Ria Ricis has more than 11 million subscribers. Of course, with a large number of subscribers, this YouTuber who is popular with Squishy content has a fairly high salary estimate.

YouTuber Ria Ricis’s own salary is estimated to reach more than 300 million / month. Ricis himself is arguably the second ranked YouTuber after Atta Halilintar who has the highest number of subscribers in Indonesia.

3. Arif Muhammad (± IDR 217 Million/Month)

Arif Muhammad

Arif Muhammad

Watch videos oftenMamaBeti‘ on trending YouTube Indonesia? So you often watch Arif Muhammad’s YouTube channel too.

Well, thanks to Beti Comedy’s content, Arif Muhammad’s videos are always trending on YouTube Indonesia.

No wonder it’s thanks to that content that Arif Muhammad has more than 3 million subscribers, guys.

This YouTuber’s salary is also quite fantastic, which is around ± IDR 217 million per month. Wow, comedy content makes a lot of money too, right?

4. MiawAug (± IDR 197 Million/Month)



MiawAug is a pretty successful Gaming YouTuber, guys. With interesting content and smooth discussion, he has many fans.

There are many games that he often plays to fill his YouTube content. No wonder this YouTuber has more than 4 million subscribers.

Thanks to the gaming content he always provides every day, this YouTuber’s salary reaches ± Rp. 197 million per month, guys.

How? Interested in creating a YouTube channel?

5. SAAIHALILINTAR (± IDR 180 Million/Month)

Saaih Lightning

Saaih Lightning

The eighth child of the family Gene Lightning This indeed always presents interesting and entertaining content for its subscribers, guys.

With prank content and content that presents luxurious things, many people feel interested in seeing Saaih Halilintar videos.

This Youtuber’s salary is estimated to reach 180 million per month, guys. Of course this will also continue to grow if he always provides entertaining content.

6. Pack with Z (± Rp. 118 Million/Month)

Pack with Z

Pack with Z

One more thing, guys, YouTuber Gaming who has a fairly high income from YouTube. Pack with Z seems to be one of the YouTubers who rose in prestige thanks to the Free Fire game.

The contents of the content channel are always related to the Free Fire game, guys. Currently, the Kemas pake Z YouTube channel has reached 1.9 million subscribers, guys.

Thanks to the content that is presented always fresh, it is estimated that Kemas pake Z has an income of around Rp. 118 million/month from YouTube.

7. Raditya Dika (± IDR 90 Million/Month)

Raditya Dika

Raditya Dika

Eits, surely you are already familiar with the Stand up Comedian who has penetrated into the world of YouTube, right?

Raditya Dika’s YouTube channel, which was created in 2007, has 6 million subscribers, which continues to grow to this day.

In addition to SUCRD content that makes you laugh out loud, content Paranormal Experience which he is currently working on is also enough to provoke a lot of viewers.

It is evident from this YouTuber’s salary, which reaches Rp. 90 million/month, making him one of the successful YouTubers in Indonesia.

Apart from YouTube, Raditya Dika also earns income from selling books, Stand Ups, and films made by him.

8. Jess No Limit (± IDR 78 Million/Month)

Jess No Limit

Jess No Limit

If you really like playing Mobile Legends, you must be very familiar with this handsome brother, guys.

With the channel name Jess No Limit, Justin (Jess No Limit) has succeeded in becoming a YouTuber who is idolized by young people.

Justin often shares his excitement in playing games such as Mobile Legends and PUBG Mobile which are currently on the rise.

In fact, he also doesn’t hesitate to share tips and tricks in playing, such as sharing Jess No Limit build items to tricks in using heroes.

This YouTuber’s salary itself is estimated to reach Rp. 78 million / month, guys. Apart from YouTube, Jess No Limit’s income as a Pro Player in Mobile Legends can’t be underestimated either.

No wonder, if Jess No Limit can buy a sports car to a luxury watch from her income.

The number of subscribers that is increasing rapidly makes Jess No Limit now has more than 5 million subscribers, guys.

9. Dyland PROS (± IDR 60 Million/Month)

Dyland PROS

Dyland PROS

Besides Jess No Limit, there are other YouTubers who are famous for their games Mobile Legends guys. Who else if not the ‘Sultan‘ , Dyland PROS.

Apart from Mobile Legends, now Dyland PROS has switched to the Free Fire game. Of course, Sultan-style funny content always adorns every video on his YouTube Channel.

The YouTuber Gaming salary itself is estimated to reach ± ​​Rp. 60 million/month. Wow, really the sultan, guys!

10. Edho Zell (± IDR 42 Million/Month)

Edho Zell

Edho Zell

Eits, who doesn’t know this Senior YouTuber? Edho Zell himself has started his own channel since 2006 guys.

Always presenting quality content, making Edho Zell’s channel always has fans. The proof can be seen on his channel which currently has 2.8 million subscribers.

With quality content and many people who see it, this YouTuber has an income of around IDR 42 million / month, guys.

How to View YouTuber Salaries?

Actually, you can also see and estimate the salary of Indonesian YouTubers. Well, you’re curious, how do you guess the salaries of YouTubers?

The trick is to use the site SocialBlade guys. Well, through this site, you can analyze other people’s social media.

Other people’s social media? What does that mean?

Yep, so through SocialBlade you can not only analyze YouTube Channels, guys, but you can analyze accounts Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and more guys.

You can see the growth of Instagram followers and YouTube subscribers through this site, guys. Well, through this site you can also estimate the salaries of YouTubers.

How do you see the estimated salary of a YouTuber through the SocialBlade site? Check out this way.

  • Go to site SocialBlade through your browser, can be via HP or PC.
  • Next you select social media’YouTube‘. Beside it there is a text box that you can fill in with the name of the YouTube channel you want to see how much it earns.
Choose YouTube Social Media

Choose YouTube Social Media

  • For example, here I want to see the YouTube channel ‘Smart Tips’. Enter the name of the channel, then press “Enter”.
Search YouTube Channel

Search YouTube Channel

  • Next, there will be a list of YouTube Channel names that you entered earlier. Just look for the right YouTube channel, then you select the “Select Channel“.
Select Select Channel

Select Select Channel

  • An analysis of the channel you opened will appear. Starting from Subscriber, Total Viewers, as well as the estimated salary obtained for the month and year.
YouTuber Salary Estimate

YouTuber Salary Estimate

Well, that’s how to see YouTuber salaries using the SocialBlade site guys. How? Very easy right?

Oh yes, the estimated salary of YouTubers is only an estimate per CPM (Cost per Mille). The nominal estimate is still in dollars.

If you want to know how to calculate the income of YouTubers, you can just look at the article on how to find out the salary of a beginner YouTuber.

The final word

Those are some of the highest-paid YouTubers in Indonesia. Of course, it’s not just those people, guys, there are many other YouTubers who have quite a high income.

How are you guys? The salaries of these YouTubers are also quite large. Are you interested in becoming a YouTuber too?

Well, if you are interested in becoming a YouTuber, don’t forget to also read the article on how to increase YouTube viewers quickly, because the salary you get from YouTube depends on the total YouTube video views.

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