This YouTuber Spent IDR 900 Million to Build the World’s Largest PS5

The world's largest ZHC and PS5


The world’s largest ZHC and PS5

GridGames.ID – PlayStation 5 is a game console made by Sony which was released at the end of 2022.

Its futuristic design, sophisticated features, and powerful specifications are some of the advantages of the PS5.

No wonder the console is coveted by many people in various parts of the world.

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However, have you ever imagined if Sony suddenly presented the PS5 in a super large size?

Yep, a YouTuber named ZHC turned this fantasy into reality.

He and his team have made the PS5 super large and the largest in the world.

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The PS5 has a height of 10 feet or about 13 meters and weighs more than 227 kilograms.

According to his confession, the production of the largest PS5 cost more than $70 thousand or around Rp. 973 million.

Not only the PS5 console, but he also made a very large DualSense controller.

Super large version of the DualSense controller display.


Super large version of the DualSense controller display.

Interestingly, the PS5 is not just used as a display.

The console can run and play like a regular PS5 sold by Sony.

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ZHC revealed, the purpose of making the large PS5 was for charity.

He and his team are competing to modify the PS5 design on two different sides.

If ZHC wins, he will donate several PS5s, but if he loses a large PS5 will be donated.


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