This Youtuber makes a short film among us. Creepy but cool!

It is a short film “Ain As” produced by Youtuber!

One of the multiplayer online games, Among usHas been busy lately as it is played by Indonesian gamers such as YouTuber and influencers.

With the rise of this game in cyberspace, there are so many content seekers and artists who make this game their own content.

This claim-themed game is very easy to play and doesn’t take up space on your phone, so it has more players.

Some animators are creatively creating very interesting and adorable animations.

Unlike this Youtuber Jay and Aria, This Youtuber couple created a short film about the game among us. -pretty-good

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How exciting is it to find out that this game is actually a murder-themed game in space?

The overall story of this short film is the same as the usual “between us” game, with six crew members and one scammer.

Jay Samuelz made this short film in a thrilling atmosphere, so forget that it’s a funny game for us.

The film reports that one in seven people is exposed to a deadly virus that puts people infected with the virus out of control and has psychopathies.

One of the first seven people died, and the remaining six people are discussing the whole movie, and the content of the discussion is almost the same as the game.

The movie has been uploaded to Youtube and has been watched by over 700,000 people and has continued to grow since November 3, 2022.

You can watch the following video immediately. Keep in mind that this movie is a horror thriller and not as interesting as you might think.

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