This Twitch Streamer Got Banned For Joking About Coronavirus

Twitch streamer, Kaceytron.


Twitch streamer, Kaceytron.

GridGames.ID – A Twitch streamer named Kaceytron, just got some unpleasant news.

He is known to have been banned from the platform for committing acts that are considered to violate regulations.

This was known after he received a letter informing him of the ban.

Kaceytron then uploaded the notification letter to his personal twitter account today (18/3).

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In his upload he wrote an apology for the behavior that had been done.

According to reports compiled from Dotesports, Kaceytron has made joking comments about the corona virus.

The comment he gave while on a live stream from another Twich streamer named Rajj Patel.

At that time, Rajj Patel asked the question ‘Would you like to kiss a man who is infected with the corona virus?’

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