This Streamer Succeeds Earn $2 Million From Streaming for Donations – Apparently, playing games while streaming not only invites sponsors, but can also raise donations.

This was done by Benjamin Lupo ‘DrLupo’ who successfully collected donations for St. Jude Children.

Interestingly, the donation was successfully collected after he streamed 24 hours non-stop.

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Dr. Lupo is a very popular streamer on Twitch.

The streamer became popular not because of his stature or playing style, but because of his personality.

Dr. Lupo is also called Twitch’s most generous streamer.

He is known to most often collect donations for St. Jude Children.

St. Hospital  Jude Children

St. Hospital Jude Children

The hospital focuses on pediatric diseases and provides research facilities for cancer, especially in children.

St. Jude Children became the target of Dr. Lupo for a simple reason.

As it turns out, the hospital costs $2.8 million per day, but doesn’t always ask its patients to pay for treatment.


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