This Startup Targets the Legal Sector in Indonesia, What For?

Startup Lawble currently trying to take advantage of technology in legal sector. The startup analyzes the problems faced by legal practitioners with the existing legal regulations in Indonesia.

Lawble offer technology-based website application, which is useful for compiling various kinds of laws in Indonesia.

Eric Vishnu as Chief Technology Officer Lawble explained that “With Lawble, we have a system bookmarks and collaboration, making it easier for legal practitioners to save time more than 70% than usual”.

Target Lawble myself is Law Firm and College to use the service. Moreover, there are 700 Law Firms recorded. The hope of Lawble startup is that it can reach 10 users for 1 Law Firm from the number of Law Firms recorded by penetrating the market by 50%.

Journal of Tax Law – Lawble

So startup hope Lawble from the Law Firm sector is to get around 3,500 to 4,000 users as customers.

College side, Lawble targeting 20 universities which are expected around 100 to 2,000 users to join as members.

Lawble itself also provides 2 products and services, namely Law Firm for legal practitioners and for academics or the general public.

Charya Rabindra Lukman as Founder and CEO of Lawble said “We have a long-term vision, where later the Indonesian people will understand about every applicable legal product”.

other than that Charya also said “We started from simple things, with the help of technology. We provide easy and comprehensive access to knowledge of legal products for the people of Indonesia. With adequate legal access, we believe that the law is no longer seen as something complicated, but will become partner in daily activities”.

Lawble targeting at least more than 50,000 regulations in Indonesia to be accessible to legal practitioners as well as the wider community.

Startup Lawble believe that Indonesia is a big target market to develop segmentation RegTech.

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