This Rainbow Six Pro-Player Is Banned From Streaming Because It’s Toxic

GridGamesID – When there are many ways for gamers to be famous other than through tournaments.

One of the most frequently used is streaming services.

In fact, it seems that these streamers have more fans than the pro-players who regularly participate in tournaments.

Unfortunately, not a few streamers often do less well while broadcasting.

One of them is this one pro player.

Jack ‘Doki’ Robertson from the Rainbow Six division of the popular team Natus Vincere (Na’Vi) was forced to be banned from the Twitch site.

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The reason is that Doki often acts ‘Toxic’ while streaming while playing Rainbow Six.

Not only playing with toxic, Doki also often utters words that are not good.

Launching Dexerto, while streaming on Twitch on Wednesday (2/10/2019), Doki did these toxic things as usual.

Suddenly in the game a warning appears, “Removed from match. You have been permanently suspended due to toxic behavior

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