This Modder Combines DOOM and Call of Duty Titles Into One Game

Call of Doom: Black Warfare

DB Mod

Call of Doom: Black Warfare

GridGames.ID – The success of the DOOM game title is one of the games that carries first-person-shooter it can’t be doubted.

As the first game released in 1993, and as a follow-up to the latest DOOM Eternal, Doom has been played by millions of fans.

In fact, the game was predicted to be the forerunner of the evolution of shooter games.

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The classic FPS game, Doom

The classic FPS game, Doom

Now the DOOM title is often modified by modders to support the playing experience.

One of the highlights is the DOOM mod which is combined with the title Call of Duty.

Titled Call of DOOM: Black Warfare, the game is now available for you to try. guys!

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The mod still mostly uses aspects of the original DOOM.

But the mod uses new weapons from the Call of Duty universe, such as Vector, PDW, LAW, RPD, FAL, M16, Desert Eagle and many more.


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