This Man Wins Capcom Pro Tour Season Final With Broken Finger

Daigo Umehara showed his broken finger.


Daigo Umehara showed his broken finger.

GridGames.ID – At 39 years old, legendary fighting game icon, Daigo Umehara, is still making history.

Reporting from GinxTV, he became the main player of Street Fighter V who often used a character named Guile.

Amazingly, Daigo has won the Asia East Capcom Pro Tour Season Final against Kanamori “Gachukin” Tsunehiro while playing with a broken finger.

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Daigo gameplay when fighting with a broken finger

Daigo gameplay when fighting with a broken finger

As two representatives from Japan, Daigo and Gachikun closed the two-day event very interestingly.

Considering his situation where he had to be willing to play with a broken finger, Diego’s battle gameplay was watched by almost 70 thousand fans via Twitch stream.

Most fans wanted to see if Diego could survive with his injured hand, as he revealed before the event the reason why his finger was injured.

He recounted that his left little finger was broken in an accident and forced him to compete in a cast.

Diego also said that because he was using a fighting game controller called HitBox, trying to jump forward caused his hands to feel uncomfortable.

Daigo gameplay

Daigo gameplay

Evidently, this was not enough to stop him from beating Gachukin with a score of 4-1 in the best-of-seven set.

Instead of resting his hands, Daigo decided to celebrate his victory by streaming the Season 5 Street Fighter V game.

In the streaming footage, he also said he was trying to change the gameplay.

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