This Malaysian Man Successfully Buys Luxury Cars From Playing Games

Faris Zakaria aka Soloz

Instagram Collage @solozsoloz

Faris Zakaria aka Soloz

GridGames.ID – It’s no secret that now playing games can be a source of income.

Besides being pro players, a gamer can also earn money by becoming a streamers.

If you have good skills, a streamer professional esports teams can glance at them to start being active in various tournaments.

The higher the number of tournament prizes also made many gamers start to wallow in wealth.

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Luxury goods are now starting to appear around professional gamers.

One of the rich gamers who has recently been in the spotlight is Faris Zakaria, pro player from Malaysia.

Reported from World of Buzz, Faris who in the gaming world known as Soloz recently bought a luxury car.

Through his personal Instagram account, on Tuesday (4/2) yesterday, Soloz showed off a luxury Ford Mustang car at an auto show in Bangsar City.

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