This is the size update FF patch OB24. Will your cell phone fit in?

A big FF patch OB24 update will be released later!

player Free fire (FF) We finally welcome new updates in the next few days.

The big update given Latest patch Replaces the current OB23 patch from Free Fire.

Of course, there are a lot of leaks, especially for advanced server players. OB24 patch..

There are new characters for Jai, new weapons, new maps, and many weapon updates that you can experience later.

To be exact on this day September 23, 2022, Occurs Server maintenance You have to wait for a while before playing with the OB24 patch.

So do you care about the latest updates later? What file size do you need?

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Big Update Free Fire OB24

Yes, if the Android and IOS updates are different sizes, they can be the same as other battle royale games.

Before you download the latest Free Fire update, you should first check your device’s storage.

Major for this update 370 MB for Android And 500MB for IOS, And everything you can do in the Play Store or App Store.

It is safe for those who have an empty mobile phone.

If you’re hungry, clean your phone and welcome this new update.

Please note that ServeFF is under maintenance at 11.00WIB until it ends and you will not be able to play FF ‚Äč‚Äčtemporarily.

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Gifts for players

If you have downloaded the latest Free Fire patch, you can log in to win lots of prizes.

  • 1000 universal fragments
  • Urban Rager Weapon Root Crate 3
  • Carnival Carnage Weapon Root Crate 3

If you log in when the new FF OB24 update is released, you will get 3 prizes for free.

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