This is the Sick Lolita Build, a Support Tank that is Really Good at Stun

GridGames.ID – Lolita, a tank support role hero who looks like a child carrying a hammer is often chosen by pro players, because the ability she has is really GG, especially if you know that Lolita’s build is painful which can make her tanky as well as have a damage attack.

His ultimate skill, Noumenon Blast, a fan-shaped area is very useful to give a stun effect for 2 seconds and give 350 Physical Damage.

Almost all of his skills provide stun and shield effects that can make him a shield to protect his teammates.

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Well, here’s a Lolita build recommendation that can make her more tanky and make her attacks on enemies really hurt.

Sick Lolita Build


Sick Lolita Build

1. Boots Wizard

Why should Wizard Boots? Usually tanks use shoes that can add armor.
Eits, Lolita is a tank who also supports, she has a fairly low HP at the beginning of the game, so these shoes can increase movement speed to Lolita by 40 and also add 400 HP.

2. Athena’s Shield

You can add 900 HP and 20 HP Regen by buying this item.
In addition, there is also the addition of 56 Magic Resistance which makes Lolita immune to magic attacks given by the enemy.

3. Antique Cuirass

As a tank, Lolita also needs armor, and this item can add 54 Armor.
This item also adds a large enough HP for Lolita to be more tanky, which adds 920 HP and 30 HP Regen.

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4. Immortality

Immortality is often considered a mandatory item for tanks because after 2 seconds of death, the hero will come back to life by increasing 15% of his HP.
In addition, this item also adds 800 HP and 40 Magic Resistance.

5. Oracle

The uniqueness of this item can increase Shield absorption and HP generation effect by 25%.
You can get 850 HP, 36 Magic Resistance and 10% Cooldown Reduction from this item.

6. Sky Guardian Helmet

This last item is important to thicken Lolita’s HP by 1550.
Even when regen HP gets more and more Lolita is equal to 100.


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