This is the Secret of the Flare Gun, a Very Rare Special Weapon in PUBG

GridGames.ID – The pistol-type weapon that is present in the PUBG Mobile 0.8.0 update, the Flare Gun, is a rare type of weapon that is very special because the Flare Gun can help call for help by air (airdrop/supply).

However, not a few players complained that it was difficult to find this weapon.

Even though this weapon is very helpful so that our war equipment can be fulfilled with assistance from the air in the form of a box containing loot that is lowered by parachute.

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So that we can get this flare gun, we must know the place or location of this flare gun, whether in Miramar, Erangel or Sanhok.

There are several ways we can do to find the rare, this Flare Gun.

PUBG Flare Gun

PUBG Mobile screenshot

PUBG Flare Gun

The first way, make sure you know when the weapon can be obtained.

Based on information, you can more easily get this weapon at 17.30 to 22.30 Chinese time.

So if you are in an Indonesian location, the weapon will be easier to get from 18.30 to 23.30, considering the difference between Indonesia and China is only 1 hour.

As for the location, this weapon is spread to 10 separate locations but still in the same area, namely the Erangel Map.

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A little leak, on the Erangel map you can find this weapon in the Georgopol, Sosnovka Military Base, and School areas.

Because these three places are loot places with various types of the best weapons, usually on the roof or inside a house or building.

Eits, but be careful, usually the better the loot, the more enemies scattered.


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