This is the secret of Granger Mobile Legends: Bang Bang that many players don’t know about

Did you know that Granger Mobile Legends heroes have one secret that many players don’t know about? What is that secret?

The gameplay itself is so easy to understand that most people can definitely play a Granger hero in Mobile Legends.

However, most players only know how to play and do not know what great secret this hero has.

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Yeah Granger certainly has one big secret that many people don’t know about. What is the secret?

Can shorten the ultimate cooldown

Granger Bio Soldier

Yes, the ultimate cooldown from Granger can be shortened to a shorter period of time.

This is Granger’s ultimate cooldown, starting with skills 1, 2, 3 to 60, 55, 50. This can reduce it by 15%.

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This Granger hero has only one secret trick, what is the secret trick? Spinner, listen carefully.

Do not use the ultimate

Granger Mobile Legends

The trick itself is not to throw all the bullets with skill 3 when issuing skill 3 or ultimate.

This is because if you leave two bullets (super bullets) in the third skill, the cooldown for this third skill will be reduced by 15% of the total cooldown at that time.

That is, if you issue skill 3 while the war is in progress, but suddenly the war no longer occurs.

Then, with these 3 skills, you’ll get a 15% cooldown reduction by quieting until the next bullet’s duration automatically stops. This is explained directly in the Ultimate Granger Information.

Some real Granger users may already know this secret trick, but here’s a notification to a novice Granger player who doesn’t know yet.

By the way, this is additional information that Granger is reportedly the hero to get the Legend Skin in 2022. What is the design of the Granger Legend skin?

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