This is the Royale Pass Mission for the First Week of PUBG Mobile Season 10

GridGames.ID – Royale pass season 10 is a weekly mission to collect royale pass points with level level.

PUBG Mobile on Friday in season 9 will open its newest mission.

There are 10 missions each week in free royale passes and elite upgrades.

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In addition to updating the royale pass, Tencent Games also presents weapon skins, outfits and vehicles.

Entering the last week of season 9, there are interesting missions that must be completed by all players.

Here’s the contents of the mission in the first week of PUBG Mobile season 10.

Royale Pass Week 1

Royale Pass Week 1

Royale Pass Week 1

Royale Pass Week 1

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You can complete the ten missions above in classic or arcade mode solo, duo or squad.

Free royale pass missions have points that you can collect to increase your RP points and prizes, but cannot collect elite mission points.

Elite missions or elite missions plus there are points whose missions you can collect, purchased using 600 UC to 1800 UC and get the advantage of getting a Season 9 Warriors Unite skin prize at each level.


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