This is the replacement for Get Rich, Rich Wars from Netmarble

Rich Wars Game Introduction

Rich Wars is the latest Board Game created with ambition by Netmarble. In this article you will get information about the introduction of the Rich Wars Game. This game is an outstanding achievement based on the development of various Board Game services for 15 years including the PC Game “Every Body’s Marble”. Through the “Matching” feature in Real-Time you can compete strategy and intelligence with players around the world. The game will start with basic dice and characters, but going through items with maximum abilities will make you stronger and win quickly.

Rich Wars Game Introduction
Rich Wars Game Introduction

Detailed Information about Rich Wars


Rich Wars


Board Games

Specifications Min. Device

Galaxy S3 (AOS) & iPhone 5 (iOS) or higher

Main Content

Real-time PvP, Tournament, Ranking

Game Formats



Friends, Club, Emoticons, Chat

Rich Wars Game Background Story

In 2023, the Global Economic Crisis causes the collapse of the world order and the emergence of poverty and rebellion. Rolls & Riches, The world’s largest real estate investment company, predicts the Global Economic Crisis with investment techniques that take advantage of its CORE luck.

Gabriel, the leader of Roll&Riches who felt threatened by the riots, founded Terarosa in search of safe, high-value and good land for investment. For Gabriel who managed to make Roll & Riches the biggest company in the world, his final task was to understand the use of CORE. Gabriel collects CORE scattered all over the world.

Year 2038, There was an incident where some of Gabriel’s CORE disappeared, and moments later there was a terror attack using CORE. A ban on the use of CORE has been imposed worldwide and public opinion about Gabriel is getting worse. Those who have known the power of CORE have no other choice but to do everything in their power to obtain it.

Conflict occurs between those who have CORE and those who do not.

Gabriel plans to run Rich Wars to divert public opinion and prevent opponents from taking CORE. The massive promotion of Rich Wars begins and people all over the world aim to become citizens of Terarosa through Rich Wars. As Gabriel had planned, the COREs scattered around the world would gather in Terarosa.

Will you compete with them to become residents of Terarosa? Or will you roll the dice to get a bigger target?

Rich Wars mainstay features

Rich Wars Game Introduction
Rich Wars Game Introduction

Best Board Game, Easy and Fast

Roll the dice move to the Square, build Landmarks and raise the rent! Or take over the winning Square first before the opponent, Master all the Squares in one line and win! Rich Wars a passionate game that is easy and fast.

Rich Wars Game Introduction
Rich Wars Game Introduction

Various Ways to Create Strategy

In Rich Wars there are various game strategies, not only by combining the strength of the blocks on the board but also the skills of each one

Characters, Dice and Items. It’s fun to test the different strategies of each player.

Rich Wars Game Introduction

Step to Big Win: Powerful Tournament Mode

If you want a more interesting game, play in Tournament mode!

Get multiplied rewards by progressing in each level. At the highest level, get even bigger rewards and wins.

Rich Wars Game Introduction

Various Modes That Can Be Played With Friends

Board Games are more interesting when played together. You can compete and improve real-time 1 vs 1 matching or send each other gifts every day.

Through Spectator mode you can watch your friends’ matches anytime, anywhere, and even learn about their strategies.

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