This is the Reason ONIC Always Loses Early Game Against EVOS!

ONIC Esports managed to beat EVOS Legends with a score of 2-0 without reply in the second match MPL ID Season 9 Week 7 Day 3 ihere.


This victory also perfected ONIC Esports’ winning record over EVOS Legends in MPL ID S9, after the Hedgehog Kuning team won their first meeting with an identical score.

However, this ONIC Esports victory was marked by quite a unique event. This is because of two games traversed, ONIC Esports always loses in early games on EVOS Legends.

In response to this, Marz say that it corresponds to draft hero they have. However, he also did not deny that there were blunders that ONIC Esports officials should not have done in games The second.

“If in games first, draft pick we are really strong late game because there are Aulus and Moskov, so we hold on games that until finally got the moment. But if games two actually go smoothly early gamethere are only a few blunders in the middle games and EVOS Legends managed to get that moment,” said Marz in the MPL ID Media Interview session.

Samoht added that in games second, he and his colleagues often make blunders because of the aggressiveness of REKT using Grock Roamers.

He said REKT was smart enough to choose bush to hide and be able to give a shocking surprise attack player ONIC Esports.

Marz and Samoht Are Grateful for ONIC Esports to Enter the Upper Bracket

source: Media Interview MPL ID

When asked about their chances take over the top of the Regular Season MPL ID Season 9 standingsMarz and Samoht compact not to think too much about it.

ONIC Esports itself has the opportunity to be top 1 in the standings if they beat their 2 opponents in the eighth week later, Geek Fam and Alter Ego, with a landslide score of 2-0.

Of course, this can happen if RRQ Hoshi again loses to EVOS Legends in their last match. However, Marz confirmed that their current focus was Upper Bracketbecause what rank 1 and 2 get is the same.

Marz will drop his full strength when he meets Geek Fam even though this team certainly doesn’t qualify playoffs for the umpteenth time. Can ONIC Esports secure Upper Bracket in the round playoffs later?

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