This is the Outfit Prize as well as a permanent skin at PUBG Mobile Indonesia

GridGames.ID – PUBG Mobile is a game that is still being discussed among millennials and the Indonesian government this time.

PUBG Mobile game is getting more and more popular and has 400 Million downloads worldwide.

Plus, Indonesia is the second country with the most active users out of a total of 100 million users every day.

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This time PUBG Mobile presents an interesting event in the form of a compass that is obtained when looting in each map.

There are 3 types of compasses, namely bronze compasses, silver compasses and gold compasses.

The Voyage Rewards

PUBG Mobile

The Voyage Rewards

There is a permanent Silver Plate Vector weapon skin that can be exchanged for 6 gold compasses. In addition, there is an Outfit Piglet Set for 10 days which can be exchanged for 30 silver compasses.


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