This is the Nintendo Smartphone Design Concept circulating on the Internet!

Illustration of playing games on Nintendo Switch console

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Illustration of playing games on Nintendo Switch console

GridGames.ID – In the last few days, the public has been shocked by the emergence of Nintendo’s smartphone design concept in cyberspace.

The design product sharing site, Yanko Design, was the first platform for Nintendo’s smartphone design concept to emerge.

Meanwhile, the party responsible for the design process of this gaming smartphone design concept is a designer named Sarang Sheth.

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Nintendo itself has never released any smartphone until now.

So far, Nintendo has focused more on the development and release of game consoles.

Some of the game consoles that have been born by this Japanese game developer include Switch, Switch Lite, Wii, Nintendo DS, and so on.

Departing from this reason, Sarang Sheth tried to realize the design concept picture of the original smartphone made by Nintendo which he designed and shared on the Yando Design website.

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Then, what does the design concept of the Nintendo smartphone designed by Sarang Sheth look like?


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