This is the new look of YSS Mobile Legends after the renewal!

One of the marksman heroes, who has a very unique skill that is different from other marksman heroes a while back, was rumored to be reworked / improved by Moonton in the next update. The protagonist is YSS or Lee Sun Shinomi Mobile Legends, who will improve the look by the developers.

Lee Sun Shin is a marksman hero who is not currently included in the metagame. The reason is simple. Because this hero is one of the worst marksman heroes with close range, small damage and many other shortcomings.

Players also admit that this hero is either very old or unsuitable for playing in the current Mobile Legends metagame. Basically, all of Lee Sun Shin’s skills are very unique, but playing this one hero is not enough to get the player’s attention.

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In this regard, Moonton is reported to soon provide improvements or improvements to this one hero, though the remake that Moonton gives is not a YSS skill.

However, Moonton renews the appearance of Lee Sun Shin. Looking at this now, it’s true that this hero has a very old school look, but it certainly doesn’t look cool in the current Mobile Legends season.

That’s why Moonton has improved its look this season to make it look cooler and more fashionable. You can see the new look in the video below.

From the video above, you can see that the next Mobile Legends update, YSS, has a much more modern look than its predecessor. However, this does not mean that YSS will re-enter the game meta as the player needs a hero with the current OP skill and does not include YSS.

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