This is the MPL ID S6 First Team Line Up, RRQ and Alter Ego Dominate!

MPL ID Season 6


MPL ID Season 6

GridGames.ID – The Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL) Indonesia Season 6 tournament has ended.

RRQ Hoshi came back as champion after defeating Alter Ego in the final with a score of 3-2.

Just like the previous event, the organizers of MPL ID always give special awards at the end of the tournament.

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The first award that has been announced is the MPL ID S6 first team line up list.

The MPL ID first team award consists of the 5 best players selected from each role in the game.

Then, who are the players who made it into the MPL ID S6 first team?

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Midlaner: ONIC Sanz




For the midlaner role, the MPL ID S6 first team is filled by the new ONIC Esports roster, namely Sanz.

Debuted in MPL ID S6, Sanz immediately stole the attention with his stunning game.

During the regular season, Sanz managed to carve a record of 6.2 Kill Per Game, and became the third highest.

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He is also the player with the second highest Kill Participation with a score of 77% KP and the highest Damage Per Minute with 4035 DPM.

In terms of kills, Sanz is the most vicious. He became the highest ‘killer’ with 203 kills.


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