This is the Mobile Legends Hero Adjustment in the Latest Patch Update 1.3.58

Update Mobile Legends 1.3.58


Update Mobile Legends 1.3.58

GridGames.ID – On May 7 2022, Advanced Server Mobile Legends announced a notification of the 1.3.58 patch update.

As usual, in the latest update there will be various announcements, including hero adjustments.

This hero adjustment is a change in several aspects of the heroes in the Mobile Legends game, such as skills, appearance, and others.

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Well, without further ado, here are some adjustments for Mobile Legends heroes in the latest patch update version 1.3.58.

1. Diggie : Optimized the explosion effect and display of skills Time Bomb.

2. Guinevere : There is an adjustment to Base Damage from 500/700/900 to 700/850/1000 on skills Violet Requiem.

3. Sun : Adjusted the effect of reducing Physical Defense from 8% to 6% on skills Simian God. Then there is a bug fix on the skill Clone Techniques, where HP Clone is different from HP Sun.

4. Claude : Fixed a bug in skills Battle Mirror Images, where the Attack Speed ​​of Image is sometimes higher than Claude’s Attack Speed.

5. Vale : There is a bug fix on the skill Wind Blade, where the Cooldown of the Skill Upgrade has gone wrong. As well as an adjustment to the cooldown time of the skill Windblowing, from 11/10.5/10.9.5/9/8.5 to 9/8.7/8.4/8.1/7.8/7.5.

6. Rafaela : Now, skills Deity Penalization Rafaela’s can give 20% of the target’s maximum HP, which was previously 25%.

7. Chang’e : There is an adjustment to the skill Bunny Blessings against bonus Magic Attack from 0.8 to 1.2.

8. Kaja : Skill Ring of Order hers has a bug fix, where this skill may have an error in dealing damage multiple times. Skills Divine Judgment also made an adjustment to the reduction of Magic Defense from 15/30/45 to 10/20/30.


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