This is the Main Skill of the New Character Lokapala the Blind from the Ghost Cave

GridGames.ID – Lokapala has just released a new character named Si Buta from Ghost Cave on Thursday (15/7).

The character is the result of a collaboration between PT. Melon Indonesia with Bumilangit Cinematic Universe.

Si Buta from the Ghost Cave is one of the legendary comic characters from Indonesia.

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His first appearance was in a comic with the same title in 1967 by Ganes TH.

The release of the Blind Man character from the Ghost Cave also coincides with the creator’s birthday.

In Lokapala, the Blind Man from the Ghost Cave can be found under the name Barda.

Just like other characters, Barda also has three main skills and one passive skill.

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So, what is the main skill of the Blind from the Ghost Cave in Lokapala? Continue to the next page!


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