This is the Leaked New Map of FF (Free Fire)

FF New Map

FF New Map – If you are a Free Fire player or survivor who diligently looks for the latest information about the Free Fire or FF game, then it is right for you to visit this site. Because, apart from sharing information about the latest leaked Free Fire map, we also review a lot of other information. What we have discussed in the previous discussion is certainly very useful for you if you read it.

For example, recently we have also shared or discussed about Download Layona Shop Free Fire. By downloading and reading the reviews, you can get or top up diamonds for free. This is certainly good news for you, so please download it and don’t waste this good opportunity. Apart from that, there is also a lot of other interesting information

Well, back to the topic of discussion, namely the New Free Fire Map, you also need to know about this information. By knowing the updated information, one of which is about the most recent map, then you can understand the contents of the map before you jump from the water drop to be ready to fight 49 other enemies who are ready to kill you. So this is one strategy that you must master

Previously, we had extracted a lot of information about the leaked free fire map which is said to be released soon. One source we look to is the newly published Elite Pass Sandstrom Warriors video. In the video, you can see an island that does not currently exist in the Free Fire game. For more details, please refer to the review of the FF New Map.

Here’s a Leaked New FF Map

Continuing the explanation above, in the published video, two characters are seen fighting in a very arid desert area. From the video description, it can be concluded that the latest free fire map is related to the desert background. If you haven’t felt the desert atmosphere like in Egypt or Saudi Arabia, then by playing in this arena you can feel the sensation

Other information about the New Free Fire Map is also predictable and many even guess if the new map will be named Favela. This is only a prediction, but we believe what we predict is very accurate.

Because, Favela itself is a desert or desert area that has a high-rise building area in a fairly dense density. This can be seen from the video that we observed.

Free Fire New Map Leaks Facts

Many also predict if the new map has been prepared for the next Free Fire game update. Based on what Free Fire has done before in updating the map and updating the Free Fire game, we believe that what is presented in the video is an overview of the new map that will be used for the latest Free Fire game updates.

Moreover, some of the items that appear to appear in the video are related, for example, there are Scorpio weapon skins, desert forces bundle, and many other related items. Later, motorbikes will also be available as vehicles for the survivors. Once again, we believe that the Favela map is the newest Free Fire map this year.

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The final word

That’s what we can share and explain to you, hopefully what we present in this article you can use well. Some information about the leak FF New Map. See you in the next new article

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