This is the latest hero counter Wanwan Mobile Legends (ML) 2022

This is the most effective and latest 2022 Wanwan Mobile Legends (ML) hero counter!

One of the up-and-coming marksman heroes, Wanwan, is now very powerful, thanks to a small buff that Moonton gave him a while back.

This buff makes a big difference in Wanwan and today’s metagames that help heroes like Wanwan get the most out of their abilities.

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Of course, as strong as Wanwan and other heroes, he has a natural counter hero from SPIN Esports!


Hero counter doggie
Photos via Mobile Legends

The first hero is Franco, whose main weapon is his ultimate ability to stop Wanwan’s agile movements. Even Wanwan’s two skills do not work with Franco’s Ulti.


Mobile Legends wallpaper
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The second hero is Hayabusa. This one hero doesn’t care about Wanwan’s agile skills and his two purification skills.

The falcon ultimately kills Wanwan without touching or damaging the hero.


Hero Counter Roger Mobile Legends
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The third hero is Natalia, who has the silence skill to kill Wanwan instantly.

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Hero counter doggie
Photos via Mobile Legends

Second, there is a very reliable Lolita with Skill 1 to dodge all the attacks of Wanwan, even one-on-one, because Skill 1’s Lolita can’t get her ultimate out quickly.


Lancelot's new skin
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The last is Lancelot, and a hero with high damage in the early stages can defeat Wanwan with 1 combo with only skill 2 and skill 3.

These are some of the SPIN Esports versions of the Wanwan Hero Counter that you can try at home.

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