This is the GTA VI Release Date Leaked by a Famous Leaker!

GTA VI fantasy poster illustration

GTA VI fantasy poster illustration

GridGames.ID – Recently, the virtual world was shocked by the presence of leaks related to information from the release date of GTA VI.

The leak of the release date of the game made by Rockstar Games was first circulated through social media Twitter.

More precisely, it was the well-known leaker ViewerAnon who first shared this leak through one of the latest posts on his Twitter account.

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The Twitter account @ViewerAnon itself is known to often provide leaks of information that are several times accurate.

In fact, posts on his Twitter account are always awaited by many people who are curious about the leaked information

But previously, the leaks provided by ViewerAnon more often touched on the topic of movies than the game world.

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Now, for some reason, ViewerAnon appears to the public not with a leak about the film, but in relation to the leaked release date of GTA VI.

Then, when is the GTA VI release date according to leaker ViewerAnon?


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