This is the Grand Final Result for University Category in Battle On University

Team Legends won the second match with a score of 2-0

Team Legends managed to win the second match with a score of 2-0

GridGames.ID – Finally, this is the grand final for the faculty category from Multimedia Nusantara University which presents two really GG teams, First To Last against the Legends team.

In the first match of the grand final, First Blood was only presented in the fifth minute. However, in the 9th minute, the Legends team managed to push First To Last’s tower to the base.

Exactly in the 12th minute and 11 seconds, the Legends team managed to break into First To Last’s base and automatically they had pocketed the score 1-0.

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In the second match, the lord was killed by the Legends team in the sixth minute. It’s too early, but they can take the risk even if a team member has to die.

When Lord tried to go through the top lane of the First To Last team, they lost 4 of their members and only one tank remained, namely Grock who was unable to advance, but luckily Grock was still able to defend himself.

First to Last Team in Battle on University

First to Last Team in Battle on University

First To Last was even more desperate when they lost a lot of their towers. Because if they leave the base, then the Legends team will steal the opportunity.

So the five of them decided to stay in the base while providing defense.

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Lord was again defeated by the Legends team for the second time in the eleventh minute of the second match. Super minions have also walked every path.

First To Last, they failed to provide defense so they had to be willing to be in second place and congratulations for the Legends team who had the right to become the first winner in the faculty category in the Mobile Legends competition, Battle On University.

Wow, congratulations to the Legends team, huh!


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