This is the fastest way to climb Rank Ace with PUBG Mobile Lite.

Here’s a quick way to get to the ranks of PUBG Mobile Lite. PUBG MOBILE is currently the best battle royale game. Players always want to be the best. They are constantly learning new games and strategies and learning how to improve their settings.

Also, many gamers do not have smartphones or mobile phones with sufficient specifications to play PUBG Mobile games. So Tencent has released PUBG Mobile Lite for gamers, allowing them to experience the game as well.

SPIN Esports provides tips on how to quickly rank up as an ace in PUBG Mobile Lite.

How to quickly raise your ace rank with PUBG Mobile Lite

1. Survive

Indeed, we are happy and proud to achieve many kills in this game. However, one of the key tips for earning many rank points is to survive as long as possible. By surviving longer, players can earn more points against this PUBG Mobile Lite rank system. So if you believe you can win instead of playing too aggressively, always fight!

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2. Listen to the sound and use the minimap

Many new players ignore the sound of this game and aren’t using minimaps well. These tips can give players great information about their enemies and give them an advantage. This is very important.

3. Weapon combination

If you want to rank up quickly and efficiently, you need to have some weapons that you can comfortably use and understand the recoil of these weapons. Also, if you always have one gun for long range and one gun for melee, you can kill enemies as soon as you find them.

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