This is the Esports Special Olympics Titled Olympic Virtual Series!

Olympic Virtual Series official logo

Olympic Virtual Series official logo

GridGames.ID – A news came from the International Olympic Committee which has just launched an esports-only tournament.

The virtual tournament which has just entered its inaugural event this year will have the official name Olympic Virtual Series.

Later, several names of esports sports branches will be competed in the tournament.

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However, as it turned out, the International Olympic Committee confirmed that the sport to be contested was not a popular & competitive type of esports such as Counter Striker and League of Legends.

The sports that will be competed in the Olympic Virtual Series are types of esports that are in accordance with real-life sports such as baseball, bicycle racing, sailing boat, and so on.

According to one representative of the International Olympic Committee, the reason they chose this esports sport was because they wanted to bring the real atmosphere of competing at the Olympics through the virtual sport.

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In addition, the selection of esports sports is also useful to keep athletes exercising physically even though it is done virtually.

Then, when will the Olympic Virtual Series tournament take place?


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