This is the content of the last video of an ethical gaming YouTuber before he was found dead

Desmond Amofah aka Ethics


Desmond Amofah aka Ethics

GridGames.ID – Desmond Amofah alias Etika, a famous gaming YouTuber, was found dead in the Manhattan area, Saturday (22/6).

Before his body was found, he was known to have been missing for several days. His last online activity was a video on YouTube that he uploaded last week.

The video was uploaded to his second YouTube channel, TRIceman. Shortly after, YouTube deleted the video.

The 8-minute video contains his vent about mental health, apologies to a number of close relatives, and the dangers of social media.

“I have no desire to kill myself,” he said.

“But I always push things too far. Maybe I’m mentally ill,” he continued.

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The 29-year-old boy also talked about his life as a YouTuber.

“Hopefully my story makes YouTube better,” he explained.

Ethics is best known for his Nintendo-centric videos on YouTube.

He has been very open lately about the mental problems he is facing.

His behavior in the past 10 months has also made his fans start to worry about the condition of the YouTuber.


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