This is the Build of the Sick Yi Sun Shin, General of the Korean Empire

Yi Sun Shin Mobile Legends

Screenshots of Mobile Legends

Yi Sun Shin Mobile Legends

GridGames.ID – In the last update of Mobile Legends 1.3.14 some time ago, the Marksman hero Assassin the General creator of the Turtle Ship from the Korean kingdom, Yi Sun Shin, got some changes to his skills. How to assemble Yi Sun Shin’s build hurts?

Yi Sun Shin’s 2nd skill, Blood Floods, updated its visual effects and increased the arrow’s size also reduced its speed slightly.

Meanwhile, Yi Sun Shin’s passive skill, Heavenly Vow, is added to notifications when the Turtle Ship is under construction and when construction is complete.

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This Reap/Poke specialty hero is indeed weak in the early game, but don’t get me wrong, if the 3 items are ready, Yi Sun Shin’s skills will feel faster and sicker.

So that your Yi Sun Shin becomes really GG, here are the recommendations for Yi Sun Shin’s worst build that you can use in the game.

Yi Sun Shin's Sick Build

Screenshots of Mobile Legends

Yi Sun Shin’s Sick Build

1. Haas’s Claws

Like Marksman heroes in general, Yi Sun Shin is still very weak in the early game.

Therefore, Yi Sun Shin needs Lifesteal and this item can increase 20% Lifesteal.

In addition, this item also adds 70 Physical Attack.

2. Swift Boots

Yi Sun Shin’s movements and shots were also very slow and weak in the early stages.

15% Attack Speed ​​and 40 Movement Speed ​​can be added from this Swift Boots item.

3. Windtalker

40% Attack Speed ​​and 20 Movement Speed ​​can also be increased from this item so that Yi Sun Shin’s movement and arrows can be faster.

And uniquely 10% Critical Chance is also added from this item so that Yi Sun Shin’s arrow hurts even more.

Well, therefore, if these 3 items are ready and you are able to use Yi Sun Shin properly and correctly, the damage that Yi Sun Shin can produce is quite painful.

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4. Malefic Roar

To increase the skill pain of Yi Sun Shin, you can get 60 Physical Attack from this item.

And there is an additional 40% Physical Penetration from the Malefic Roar item.

5. Berserker’s Fury

You can get 65 Physical Attack and 25% Critical Chance if you buy the Berserker’s Fury item.

6. Rose Gold Meteor

The last item to complete the glory of a general Yi Sun Shin on the lane, you can buy a Rose Gold Meteor which can provide 60 Physical Attack and 30 Magic Resistance.

Eits, not only that, your 5% Lifesteal can also be increased from this item.


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