This is the Biodata Profile of BTR uHigh who is predicted to be Bigetron’s prodigy

GridGames.ID – PUBG Mobile pro-player named Muhammad Dhiya Ulhaq Bin Mohd from Malaysia, or commonly known as uHigh, has officially joined the red hedgehog team, Bigetron Esports.

The boy, who is now 17 years old, was rumored to be joining Bigetron since the transfer market early last year.

Now, uHigh has officially joined Bigetron Red Aliens starting Sunday (1/8).

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Through the official Bigetron Esports Instagram account, they also announced their welcome to uHigh and hoped that their performance could bring new colors to the Indonesian PUBG Mobile scene.

Having mature gameplay and strategy, fans hope that uHigh can become a rusher duo that synergizes with BTR Ryzen, even rivaling the tachibana duo, Zuxxy and Luxxy.

Moreover, currently BTR’s performance has not yet seen progress in the international level PUBG Mobile eSports scene, making uHigh one of the milestones for those who are expected to boost team performance.

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