This is the Biodata and Profile of BTR Zuxxy Player from Bigetron eSports

GridGames.ID – Bigetron eSports is a leading Indonesian eSports organization founded on 28 May 2022.

Bigetron has competitive teams in PUBG Mobile, Mobile Legends Bang Bang, Arena Of Valor, Dota 2, Fortnite, Point Blank, CS:GO, and Tekken.

Bigetron became known when he became the champion of PINC 2022, because of the epic game from Bigetroon players in the PUBG Mobile division.

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No wonder they managed to become champions at the 2022 PINC event, Qualification in Shanghai, China and passed PMCO to Berlin, Germany.

This time GridGames will provide information on the Biodata and Profile of Made Bagas who has the nickname BTR.Zuxxy

For those who don’t know who Zuxxy is?

BTR.Zuxxy is the twin brother of BTR.Luxxy, they are brothers from Bali.

BTR.Zuxxy Gamely

Doc. Made Bagas

BTR.Zuxxy Gamely

They said that made bagas was born 8 minutes earlier than his sister, made good.

Zuxxy’s position in the PUBG Mobile Bigetron eSports division in the game as a Co-Leader and Observer who oversees the movement of the game.

Zuxxy’s job is very important, because he brings his members to move to the safe zone, through the gaps in a safe and more effective area.

BTR.Zuxxy is a PUBG Mobile top player, with the abilities Made Bagus can lead Bigetroon eSport to become the champion.

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Made good boasts Bigetron eSport is heading to Dubai to compete with 19 countries around the world.

Although it did not manage to rank 1, Bigetron eSport was able to beat 11 teams from various countries around the world.

The final result in Dubai Bigetron eSport peaked in 9th place with the acquisition of 2745 points, even though it was the first time to go to a tournament abroad, of course this was very proud.

A good achievement from zuxxy and friends, zuxxy entered as the top 15 assist PUBG Mobile player.

Together with his sister, Luxxy is called a deadly twin duo.

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Made Bagus is the younger brother of Made Bagas, they were born on the same day, month and year but at different hours.

Made is good and good since he was little, he has liked the hobby of playing games.

One of the most popular games is the First Person Shot genre.

No wonder they have extraordinary skills.

The following is the biodata of Made Bagas aka BTR.Zuxxy:

Name : Made Bagas Pramudita

Origin: Bali

Brother : Made Bagus (Sister)

Place, date of birth: Bali, May 31, 2003

Zodiac: Gemini

16 years old

Hobbies: Playing Games

Job : Pro Player PUBG Mobile Bigetron eSport

Status : School

Nickname : BTR.Zuxxy

Team : Bigetron eSport

Role : Observer and Co-Leader

BTR.Zuxxy with friends

Doc. Made Bagas

BTR.Zuxxy with friends

Achievements that they have received from various sources that GridGames has summarized.

  1. PINC 2022 Champion
  2. Rank 9 PMSC 2022
  3. 1st Champion Fighting-League 2022
  4. 1st Place Kaskus Battleground Season 3
  5. 1st Place KitaKitaCool PUBGM Tournament 2022
  6. 1st Place PMCO 2022
  7. 3rd Place PMCO SEA League 2022
  8. 2nd Place PMCO SEA 2022

Especially for being a Bigetron eSports sniper. Made nice and bagas is the core team of Bigetron eSports PUBG Mobile branch.

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Here are the settings from BTR.Zuxxy guys! You must try according to your role.

You can see Zuxxy’s skills on Youtube, you can learn and learn Zuxxy’s gameplay.


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