This is the Best Zhongli Tanker Build for Players Free to Play! Are you one of the Genshin Impact players who managed to bring home Zhongli from yesterday’s banner rerun? If so, GridGames has a suggestion, guys.

Maybe you are confused about what Zhongli should be for your team, GridGames still recommends making this Geo Archon as a tanker and protector for our DPS game.

In addition to making our DPS safer, this build is also not difficult to find and of course very friendly for free to play players. What are you curious about? Just take a look!

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If we look at his stats, the additional strength of Zhongli’s shield is taken from his total HP. The higher the talent level, the higher the percentage taken.

Therefore, GridGames really recommends you to use the Black Tassel weapon. This is what everyone has!

Black Tassel

Genshin Impact

Black Tassel

This weapon carries a sub-stat HP% which totals 46.9% when it hits level 90.

Of course you understand, this way the total HP of Zhongli will increase very drastically.

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