This is the Best Place in Apex Legends Mobile, What’s Up?

As games who just arrived, of course there are lots of players who want to play Apex Legends Mobile. Same as games the like, games It has unique places that you must visit on the map.

There are so many places that you can go because you have loot which is very good. You can also find the spots good place to stop.


What are the best places? Apex Legends Mobile game. Here’s more information for you guys, stay tuned!

Thermal Station


Thermal Station is one of the biggest places inside Apex Legends Mobile game. This place is in the southwest part of the map.

This place is unique because it has rope way. Now for those of you who don’t know, the rope way is one of your alternatives to escape if it is attacked by the enemy.

But you have to be careful because you can fall into the lava. If you fall into the lava, your blood may decrease.



Furthermore, there is also a location in Apex Legends Mobile named Skyhook. This location is in the northern part of the World Edge map.

This place can be categorized as one of the best places in Apex Legends Mobile. This is a very suitable place for long-range combat.

Loot the one in this place is also very good. There are many hiding places that you can use to surprise the public.

Capitol City

apex legends mobile place

Capitol City is the heart of the Worlds Edge map in Apex Legends Mobile. Being in the middle of the zone makes this place a target for many players.

Not only that, Capital City also has hot loot which you can really use for loot with your teammates. Playing in this one place, you will feel a different experience.

You are forced to chase the enemy and look for enemies hiding in that place. Who’s happy to get off here hayo?

The Epicenter

apex legends mobile place

There is also an Epicenter that is also on the list hot drop in Apex Legends Mobile. For players who often drop in this place, you may already be familiar with the movement slide jump shoot.

In this place, you can do shots freestyle with the best weapons in games this. For those of you who like to play with strange and unique styles, it’s really suitable to play at The Epicenter.

The Trainyard

apex legends mobile place

Finally, there is a place that you must visit if you play Apex Legends Mobile namely The Trainyard. This area has a lot loot with a structure like an old railroad track.

On Apex Legends PC too, The Trainyard is very well known. But when you do loot and also fighting, make sure you always be careful because this place is very open so it’s dangerous if you are not alert.


Well, those are some of the best places in Apex Legends Mobile. Where do you think you like the most? Let us know your answer in the comments column, OK!

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