This is the Beginning of Pevita Pearce Playing PUBG Mobile Indonesia

Pevita Pearce playing PUBG Mobile with Tanta Ginting

Pevita Pearce playing PUBG Mobile with Tanta Ginting

GridGames.ID – Tanta Ginting with Pevita Pearce created PUBG Mobile game content on Youtube using the Sanhok map with various challenges.

The challenge is called “Spray Time” which is marked by the sound of a bell.

Pevita must answer questions from Tanta Ginting for 5 seconds, if she can’t answer or after that time she will be punished by the Tanta Ginting team.

But before playing together, Pevita Pearce gave a PMCO shirt to Tanta Ginting to be motivated to play PUBG Mobile and go to the PMCO Global finals.

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Pevita Pearce started playing PUBG Mobile when a make up artist named Raisya Monianti suggested Pevita to play PUBG Mobile.

Pevita Pearce continues to be guided by Raisya to play PUBG Mobile.

When playing PUBG Mobile, Pevita can spend up to 8 hours more because of the fun.

From spending that time, Tencent Games successfully sent Pevita to the PMCO Global Finals in Berlin, Germany through the best voting system.

In Germany, Pevita competed against other Influencers in a fun match.

Pevita Pearce Eats Banana

Pevita Pearce Eats Banana

The reason Pevita plays PUBG Mobile is because in junior high school (SMP) she played games similar to PUBG.

In the future, Pevita Pearce will create PUBG Mobile content while reaping his career in the Artist world.

At the end of the video, Tanta Ginting asked Pevita, “What do you think about the development of eSports?”

“By playing the PUBG Mobile game, everyone can play and participate from all walks of life to get a chance to become a pro player if you are serious.” Said, Pevita Pearce.

You want to be like Pevita? keep playing and show the world that you can compete.


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