This is the appearance of Harley Quinn and Joker Exclusive Skins in PUBG

PUBG x Suicide Squad (GridGames.ID)

GridGames.ID – Finally PUBG released trailers the latest after yesterday made PUBG-ers curious about the presence of two DC pairs, Harley Quinn and Joker.

PUBG indirectly confirms if survival games this is officially working with one of the characters in Suicide Squad.

The presence of Harley Quinn and Joker will be made into exclusive PUBG skins which will certainly be really cool.

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In the video trailers At this point, PUBG only provides a follow-up video of teaser previously.

The appearance of Harley Quinn and Joker is made very colorful and cute with weapons and accessories.

The two characters in this video seem to be fighting in a prison that’s right on the Miramar map.

1. It looks scary, doesn’t it?

Harley Quinn and Joker Skins Coming to PUBG

2. Do you want to be shot, sir?

Harley Quinn’s Appearance in PUBG

3. Brother Shoot Back, You, Grandma…..

4. Dare to Shoot Me, I Fuck You….

Harley Quinn’s Appearance in PUBG

Unfortunately, PUBG has not provided a release date for this skin and how this skin will arrive.

But one thing for sure is that PUBG chose DC as a suitable character in comics and movies.

As is known, Fortnite Battle Royale chose the Marvel character as the exclusive skin, namely Thanos.

Hmm …, so the more impatient, here!

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