This is Mobile Legends’ Real Income

Mobile Legends Revenue

Mobile Legends Revenue – Who doesn’t know the Bang Bang Legend Car Online game? If there are still people who do not know, then we think that person is technologically savvy. Even if you don’t play this game, at least you’ve heard or know about this timeless game.

Generally, many games have fallen or been abandoned by the players. This does not happen in the Mobile Legends game or commonly called ML. Until now, many players have chosen to be loyal and even new users continue to grow.

This is a blessing in itself for the developer, namely Moonton. Where at a time when many games and developers went out of business and went bankrupt. Moonton, with his best game, Mobile Legenda, continues to be on fire and has become one of the most popular games.

This time we will provide a review that is of course very important for players. Where so far are many players who want to know or ask about Mobile Legends Revenue. If you want to know then please read more about this article

How much does Mobile Legends earn per year?

The question about the income of Mobile Legends lately continues to surface and many people are curious and want to know how much Mobile Legend’s income actually is. If you also feel the same way then you will know the answer

Actually, personally, there will be no profit if we know how much Mobile Legend earns. However, by knowing the income, at least later it will be material or material when talking to fellow players.

Estimated Annual Income of Mobile Legends

We deliberately wrote the subtitle of this article with an estimate. The name estimates can be wrong and can also be accurate. One thing that is certain and you should know is that so far Moonton as an ML developer has never published and also informed about the income they generate.

Even though Moonton or ML management never informed us, at least we can give an assessment of what Mobile Legends has obtained so far. Make sure this is for information only and do not be used as a reference

Mobile Legend Annual Income Count

Once again, we emphasize to you that what we are going to convey and also describe this should not be used as a benchmark or basis that you use as a reference. Just know how we calculate our estimate of ML’s revenue.

We make this calculation in a simple manner and based on the largest income that has been obtained by ML. The single biggest income comes from the sale of diamonds. Many players buy or top up diamonds.

As a player, of course, you have your own reasons why you have to top up. Well, now please consider the following calculations. Based on the play store page, the number of ML users has reached more than 100 million. If 100 million users each spend 100 thousand diamonds for one year. Then ML’s income reaches 1.2 trillion.

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Closing And Conclusion

The numbers are still raw and you can estimate again. interesting to learn to estimate and also calculate ML income. This income does not include income from other sources, of course there are many more.

That’s all we can share and also explain to you. With us providing this explanation, we hope that you can understand and understand about Mobile Legends Revenue. That’s all from us, see you again on the next opportunity.

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