This is how you use the video conference function with Telegram

video conference or Videos conference certainly not a new thing at this time, is it? It turns out we can also use Telegram to do things Videos conferencebut you must be confused how while the Telegram application is not yet available for this feature?

Online meetings

Along with the development of world civilization, the technology created is becoming more and more sophisticated. This certainly makes it easier for us as humans to carry out various activities. Technology really helps a lot of people improve their own mobility.

One of the technology updates that really helps us in our daily life is the online meeting application. Use the camera functions Online meeting We can meet directly with friends or colleagues without having to meet in person.

There are many things that make people do video conference or Videos conference. One of them is because of the epidemic we are currently experiencing. Which expressly forbids us to hold meetings or to gather in one place.

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Well if you look now, there are plenty of uses Video conferencing or Online meeting which we can use for free. Even so, according to the title above, Telegram users should also know that Telegram also has benefits that we can use to do things video conference. As you can see directly below.

Video tutorials


1. Download the mod version from Telegram. Download and To install Videogram application.

2. Then log into your Telegram account via Vidogram, then Tap 3 lines in the upper left corner to bring up another menu. If it is already Tap menu Video meetings.

How to use Telegram's video conferencing feature

3. At this stage there are 2 options to choose from Videos or just sound (voice). Direct Tap Create a meeting then Tap invite other to add another user.

How to use Telegram's video conferencing feature

4. Then select and send Invitation link to the target friend and wait for the friend to open the link. When connected it will look like below. use Chat symbol to send a message or Tap the icon 3 dots to open another menu.

How to use Telegram's video conferencing feature

5. Finally, the display menu that appears will look like this.


  • Select sound device: use this menu to select a sound device such as a speaker or headset.
  • Invite someone: This menu is used to invite users to join the video conference.
  • Enable low bandwidth mode: This menu is used when your connection is poor (slow) and you want to stay connected with other users in a meeting.
  • Toggle Camera: Use this menu to change the front or rear camera view.
  • Call up tile view: Enter tile or grid view.
  • Add Meeting Password: Add a password to add privacy protection to an ongoing video meeting.


From now on, your Telegram users will no longer need to download or use the application Video conferencing Another. Using the features provided by Vidogram allows us to experience more features that are not yet present in the Telegram application.

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