This is how you set the microphone usage in the Steam app

Steam is one of the software or platform which focuses on the gaming aspect where there are many sales of different types of pc / computer based games. Some of the games that are known and are currently being played are in part from platform Steam. Some of these games range from DOTA 2, CSGO to themed games Battle Royale like PUBG. In fact, of the many games on offer, some are free (play for free) and some get paid.

In addition, there are some of the different variants of the game that can be played individually offline and some need to be played in mode on-line (must use internet connection). For the type of game being played in the mode on-line like DOTA 2 and CSGO games basically have a game system Multiplayer where we play with other players who are scattered in different places or even in different countries. Therefore, when playing the game, communication media in the form of Microphones.

In this discussion, the author will provide a tutorial on setting usage / configuration microphone in the Steam application. The steps are shown below:

1. Open the Steam application on your PC or laptop.

2. When it appears, select Settings in the main menu Friends and chat in the lower right corner.

3. Then a menu appears Friends list. In the next step click on the logo the settings.

4. Select Menu from the Settings menu Voice.

5. Go to the setting details in the menu Voices, we can set the configuration microphone that’s like checking the sound Microphones, Set the input device used and adjust the high and low tone

This is the tutorial on managing the use of microphone in the Steam application. In addition to the Steam application, we can use microphone by default on your laptop. So we don’t need it headphones when using this function.

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