This is how you set standard apps in Windows 10

Windows is the most widely used operating system today. There are many applications with different functions in Windows. There are different types of applications that have the same function but different applications such as: B. Browser.

All browser applications certainly have the same function, but the developers are different. There is a term in Windows itself Standard app. Is meant Standard app is an application that will Originally to open a file type. For example Originally Your browser is Mozilla Fire Fox, so when you open something shortcut or html file, then the open browser is Mozilla.

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1. Open settings on your Windows.

2. Click on Apps menu.

3. There are several tabs here, select the tab Standard apps.

4. It provides several types of applications that you can build Preferences.

5. Click on some kind of application What do you want to do Originally. It is shown here as an example Preferences.

6. After you have clicked, you will have various browser applications to choose from. Originally. The application in the pick is whichever browser application you have To install on your computer. click a browser the.

7. Congratulations, you’ve managed to get set up Originally Now all you have to do is change the type of application you want.

8. You can also return Originally the application is restored by clicking the button Reset to default.

This tutorial is for people who do not like standard Windows applications as there are some applications that perform below the maximum performance compared to third party applications.

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