This is how you send muted messages and edit sent messages in Telegram

Do you have telegrams? Do you already know how to send a silent message? Or edit the wrong message again? If not, it’s a good idea to read the following article.

As we now know, WhatsApp is the king of applications Chat although there are so many other applications out there trying to rival WhatsApp’s popularity. One of them is Telegram. The application created by Pavel Durov now has at least 200 million users and is growing every day.

The benefits it has can tempt many people to try this Telegram application as well.


Indeed, Telegram is said to be lighter, faster and safer compared to WhatsApp. But apart from that, the features in it are very interesting. One of them is the presence of mute messages and also the processing of sent messages. For muted messages themselves, this is very useful when we want to send messages to other users but don’t want to disturb them as they may be in class or in a meeting.

The user will still receive an on-screen notification, but the message will not emit a sound notification. So it is very useful for those of us who forgot to enable the mode Quiet.

Well, for those of you who are curious and want to try these 2 features, here is how.

Video tutorials


1. Make sure your Telegram application is the latest or the latest version Update.

2. Open the Telegram app, then compose a new message Tap and press and hold the send icon. Then select the Send Silent menu.

3. To edit messages that have already been sent. Tap and durable on Chat which are processed. Then tap symbol Pencil then edit the message and send it as you normally would.

4. A marker will appear indicating that the message you sent has been edited.

This is the tutorial on how to send muted messages and how to edit sent messages on Telegram. Hope it’s useful.

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