This is how you protect the Android mobile Internet connection from Netcut attacks

In this modern age, Internet access has become one of the most important needs and it is very difficult to separate it from human activities. The existence of the Internet should make our daily activities easier. The presence of internet access can also be a support for our computing devices, both personal computers and laptops Smartphones.

However, in some cases, different types of fraudulent behavior often occur when we use the internet. This usually happens when accessing a public WiFi network. This type of scam is the presence of someone or someone who intentionally breaks our connection network so that other people cannot use the Internet. The application used is Netcut. This application is a type of application that breaks the flow of the Internet so that the disconnected device cannot access the Internet (the Internet becomes slow). The existence of this will surely be very annoying to many people.

This time the author will provide a tutorial on how to protect your internet connection Smartphone from Netcut attacks. To use the ARP Guard application. For the steps are as follows:


1. Open the app Load game to download the application.

2. Enter ARP Guard in the search menu. When it appears, click the application.

Download ARP guard

3. The next step is To install the application. When the installation is complete, press open minded.

4. After entering the ARP Guard settings menu, the symbol appears sign dyed red. Press the icon to change the color to green. The green color indicates that your device is protected. In addition, this menu also contains the status of the connection that is connected to our device.

This is the tutorial on protecting your internet connection Smartphone from Netcut attacks. So that with this application it can become a warning alarm when the device Smartphone we are trying to be cut off from someone else. Hope it’s useful.

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