This is how you overcome applications that are no longer working under Windows 7

Application software is certainly the most important part of a computer system. Of course, it’s very simple, for example, applications like CorelDraw, Photoshop and other applications, just click on the application you want and run it. However, if the applications we have installed frequently get the message “Stopped working“Under Windows 7 (can’t work properly), of course we are nervous and look for a thousand ways to make the application work.

Send a message Stopped working Perhaps the following method can resolve the message so that the applications you are installing on Windows 7 can run properly.

How to overcome broken applications in Windows 7

1. Open the app that caused the message Stopped working. Find apps that Error it’s up to the data C. and click on file Program files. Here I am using the Photoshop application.

2. Next, click on the application Stopped working it and click properties then set in the section compatibility. Then click the check mark and then set the section Start this program in compatibility mode for“.

This is where we set the application specifications. If the application you installed won’t run on Windows 7, we’ll change the application specifications. Then select Windows XP (Service Pack 3, Service Pack 2). In this way so that the application stopped error it went well.

3. After setting on section compatibility Use. Then right click properties Computer parts. Next, click on the section Advanced system settings

4. After logging in Advanced system settings, then click Section settings on the label Power. After logging in, click the section Prevention of data execution“.

5. The final way to fix the application that is Stopped working that. Click “Turn on Dep and click Add to“. Look for the error application of the Locale C: At Program files. After searching, click OK. Next start anew Your computer and open the error application again Stopped working the.

Done, that’s it How to fix the application stopped working on Windows 7. Hope it’s useful

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