This is how you move contacts on the iPhone as a vCard from iCloud to another device

As a user of multiple devices from iDevice, iCloud is the most important helper for data transfer.

We finally found an easy way to manage all of your contact lists, even easier than syncing them in iTunes on your PC. Everything is now more practical thanks to iCloud.

Sometimes we want to move all the data /Fuse our contacts from iOS too operating system or software Neighbor. For example on Android. Many are still figuring out how to move all the contacts on the iDevice to Android or even Outlook, Windows Live and others.

How to transfer all contact data on your iPhone as a vCard (virtual business card) to iCloud for easy transfer to other devices and software like Android, Microsoft Outlook etc.

1. Open via the browser on your PC / Mac

2. Enter data Sign up in the form of Apple ID and password to access your iCloud account

3. Then click on contacts

4. All of your contact lists are displayed (if notFuse Open your contact details on your iPhone Settings – iCloud – Storage & Backup – Back up now)

5. Return to the browser on the PC / Mac, click the icon settings bottom left

6. Click on Choose all to select all contacts

7. Then click the icon settings at the bottom left again and click Export vCard

8. Then it will appear Pop up to get all of your contact details in the form of a file with the format. save .vcf on your PC / Mac

9. Save the file by clicking Save. Complete.

This .vcf file can be opened with various applications. For an instant method Copy this file into your Android microSD card, and you will get all the contacts that are already stored on Android device weather

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