This is how you define keyboard shortcuts for applications in Windows

Keyboard shortcuts is a shortcut to perform an action with just a Keyboards, Where Keyboard shortcuts Here’s how it works by pressing 2-3 buttons keyboard performs a user-specified action at the same time and automatically, usually Keyboard shortcuts This is often found in Windows applications, but you can create it too Keyboard shortcuts Yourself by taking action to open or run an application that you have, here is the tutorial.


1. Enter the area Desktop your pc.

2. Then right-click on one of the connections the application you want, and then click Properties.

3. Then you click on the section Keyboard shortcuts and further keyboard Your pc, press anything to it as Keyboard shortcuts for example like Ctrl + Alt + Iwhen you clicked OK.

4. Done.

Eliminate Keyboard shortcuts arranged beforehand.

1. Enter the area Desktop your pc.

2. You click with the right mouse button on connections the application you added Keyboard shortcuts before.

3. Then click on Text field Keyboard shortcuts and you click on the keyboard Backspace.

4. Click OK and you are done.

Remarks: Before adding Keyboard shortcuts Whenever you apply, make sure you don’t do it Keyboard shortcuts that collides with other apps, for example like Ctrl + w Where Keyboard shortcuts it is to be erased tab in Google Chrome and Keyboard shortcuts others, the author’s suggestion is to be used Ctrl + Alt + letter how Keyboard shortcuts with every application that you have because key This is very rarely found in Windows applications.

This is a guide to setting the button connections Applications under Windows, hopefully useful.

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