This is how you deactivate / deactivate startup programs in Windows 10

After installing an application on your computer, have you ever found that the application always appears when your computer is on?

This, of course, causes the computer to slow down when it starts up because many applications are running at the same time. But take it easy, because there is a way to set the application so that it doesn’t run automatically when your computer is turned on. By doing this, it is hoped that the computer will perform better the first time it is run.

Below is an example of an application that will run automatically when a new computer starts.

Video tutorials:

1. Right click on the taskbar at the bottom of the screen.

2. Select the Task Manager.

3. Running applications are displayed here, regardless of whether the background or not. Click for more details for more extensive settings.

4. The running application is displayed in more detail here. Based on the usage of CPU, memory, hard drive, network and GPU. Select the start tab to adjust Start up use

5. There are 2 columns with different information, namely the status column and the effects on the start.

  • split Impact status contains information about how much impact the application will have on your computer if it runs automatically. There are several levels, namely unmeasured, low, medium, and high. The higher it is Impact statusthe greater the impact on the system. If the status is high, it is better to turn off the start, as it is very stressful for the system.

  • Status is the status of the application, regardless of whether the autostart function is active or not. if deactivate then it is not active when activate means active.

6th Right click on the app which is deactivated. Choose Deactivate.

7. Here it can be seen that the status of the Steam application was deactivate.

How to disable or disable the automatic startup of application programs in Windows 10.

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