This is how you create a ringtone that changes with every call / SMS

For users Smartphone I definitely like doing handicrafts his smartphone. Whether it’s changing a custom ROM or just trying a new application. Naturally Smartphone with the Android operating system, it is easier to customize compared to devices Smartphone with other operating systems.

We can also see this in the increasing number of applications that we can download for free or for a fee from the Google Play Store. Android users tend to get bored with the system quickly Originally provided by the manufacturer Smartphone. For example like the default ringtone of the device or Ringtone.

Yes, on a system Originally normally we are only allowed to use one song. But the problem is, what if we have a lot of good songs that we want to do as ringtone on our favorite smartphone? Now that Android has a pretty sophisticated system, we can change it now Ringtone on the smartphone at will for every incoming call or SMS ringtone. For more details, please read the article below to the end.

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The first step is to install the free Randtune application in the Play Store.

In the second step, open the Randtune app and Tap ALLOW if there is Pop up Notification that comes out later Tap again ENABLE.

In the third step, activate or swipe right to allow system settings. Tap the icon past tone Tap the plus symbol later a column will appear to give a name for. to add Playlists what you will do.

The fourth step after finding a name Tap playlist Plus symbol what’s down then Tap Add Folder. Find and select the folder in which you are saving Ringtone or to make music Playlists then tap SELECT DIRECTORY.

The fifth step, when you’ve found it, just add it Tap Once again SELECT DIRECTORY. Back to the start menu in the menu area Calls Select Playlistt you did.

Done, here’s how to create a ringtone that changes every time a call / SMS comes in.

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