This is how you create a group administrator who can chat in Telegram groups

Have you ever felt annoyed and annoyed about your chat application always beeping when you are notified of new messages? One of the reasons is that one member of the group gives a message and other members reply to it. In this case, the only option is to disable the notification function in the chat application. But do you know that in the Telegram chat application you don’t always have to get notifications from a group?

Group function in the chat application

The main purpose of creating a group using a chat application is to provide information to other members. Often times, however, the members actually post messages that have nothing to do with the information provided by the group administrator.

As a chat application, Telegram is not just aimed as a messaging application. However, Telegram continues to strive to always provide the best service to its users. One of them is to disable the ability to send messages for members in the Telegram group.

Later only the administrator can send an informational message to its members in the Telegram group and members cannot send any messages in the group chat box at all. This naturally allows the incoming information to be more accountable and protects members from repeated notifications of incoming messages from the Telegram group.


1. First make sure that you are one of the admins in the Telegram group.

2. Open the telegram application already installed on the device. Find and select one of the groups in the Telegram application. click Group name above the conversation field to open the group settings.

How to create a group admin who can chat in the Telegram group

3. Click the edit icon to the left of the three-dot icon. Select the menu and click permission / permission.

How to create a group admin who can chat in the Telegram group

4. Finally deactivate the function Send massage. When you turn off the ability to send messages, several other features are also automatically turned off, namely Send media, Send stickers & gifs, Send survey, and Embed on the left. Complete.

How to create a group admin who can chat in the Telegram group


Not only is the Telegram application known for its bots, but the Telegram application is also known as a chat application that understands its users. Of course, with the function of sending messages in the Telegram group, it will be easier for administrators to manage their groups.

However, in terms of information, this feature also has a weakness as members who have additional information cannot send it directly to the group, but must first contact the administrator to submit the additional information.

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